Five apps you must download within five minutes of getting an iPhone

facebook in iPhone

Facebook on iPhone

So you’ve finally got yourself an iPhone, and have all those apps at your disposal – but with so many now available, where do you start? Well, you’ll have plenty of time to experiment with the more offbeat apps later on, but while you’re still trying to figure out your Facebook from your Fatbooth, why not equip your phone with a few must-have basics?

Never miss another status update with the iPhone version of the social networking giant, which boasts a lot more features than the equivalent version for Blackberry and other phones – such as online chat for example. Pretty much the only thing you can’t do on this version is play Scrabble (you’ll need a Flash Player for that) or other games but it’s a small price to pay (actually it’s a free app) for having all that Facebook content at your fingertips. And of course you can use it to keep other people in touch with what you’re up to.

You may well have been using it on your laptop for some time but Skype is also available for the iPhone, and will give a new dimension to your conversations. Like the computer version the Skype for iPhone allows you to call, video call, SMS or have an online chat with your contacts – and is particularly useful if you’re calling long-distance family or friends. And given you can chat, instant message and videocall for free is one of the best bargains to be had.

BBC News
It’s always a good idea to have at least one news app on your iPhone and the BBC News one ranks among the best – it’s simple to use, has all the major stories of the day at the touch of a button as well as video footage (although you may need to be near a wi-fi connection to access this) – plus it’s all completely free. Just remember to pull down the screen to update it so that you don’t end up reading old stories.

This nifty little free app allows you to make notes, save them and even sync them to your computer – so if inspiration strikes while you’re out and about, you need to remind yourself to do something or you just want to make a shopping list, you’ve got a place for all those random scribblings. A very useful tool – and much neater than writing everything down on Post-Its and sticking them to the fridge.

Angry Birds
You’ll get a free version of this on the phone anyway, but if there is one game worth paying (and at only a measly 59p) for then it’s this one, which has already become something of an iPhone phenomenon. The premise is simple – fire cute birds out of catapults in a bid to kill some mean green pigs who have stolen their eggs. Except it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds, given all the various forts and shelters your nemeses have constructed for themselves. Each level takes less than a minute, but with hundreds to master you may well be some time. And don’t expect to be putting it down any time soon.


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