Tesco Finder (FREE: iPhone)

Tesco Finder

Tesco Finder

There are all manner of shopping apps available for the iPhone, whether you want your groceries delivered via Ocado or whether you want to keep an eye out for discount vouchers within your immediate vicinity.

However one of the most ingenious is the app offered by Tesco which allows you to not only keep an eye on your local branch of the store, but also informs you what’s in it and where you can locate it.

Tesco Finder offers the sort of information you might expect, such as telling you all the local stores within a certain radius of your home (and you won’t be surprised to discover there are loads of varying sizes), but it goes further than that, allowing you to make shopping lists by telling you what products are on sale in each store and actually helping you to locate them as you do your shop (provided you’re not in a Tesco Express, as it isn’t offered for the smaller branches). For example, if you’re looking to buy a bag of sugar, simply key the relevant information into the phone and it will tell you exactly where in the shop you can find the sugar. It will do it for everything on your list in fact.

All of which is a marvellous idea given that it allows you to get on with your shopping speedily without having to worry about finding anything (or finding a member of staff to point you in the right direction). Sadly, it stops just short of actually paying for your shopping on your behalf, but we guess one can’t have everything.


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