Commodore Comeback!


Ben Heck may have fashioned his modern computer equipment to look like a retro bit of kit, but how about getting your hands on a retro bit of kit that works like modern computer equipment? Well now you can – sort of, at least.

Because the Commodore 64 – that monolithic beige computer which was the must-have gadget of the mid-80s for any self-respecting gamer – is about to make a comeback, and while it might still look clunky and old-fashioned, it’s very much a 21st Century machine.

The new-fangled Commodore 64, which is due on the market later this year, resembles its 1980s counterpart with a large keyboard, chunky casing and rainbow logo – and nostalgia fans will be delighted to know that it will play all those classic old 8-bit games such as Last Ninja and Mutant Camels.

But here’s the thing. The 21st Century Commodore also has 2GB of DDR3 memory (which can be expanded to 4GB) , has wireless internet, a USB slot, can play DVDs or Blu-ray discs (and be connected to modern TVs or monitors) and is also compatible with Windows. So in spite of the novelty factor you are actually getting a serious machine for your money.

At the moment it’s only available from the Commodore USA website, with the 64 priced at around $595, but with worldwide shipping available those of us in the UK can get our hands on one too. And while we’re at it, how about a comeback for its nearest rival, the good old BBC Micro B?


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